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Vitalin Bioactive Pond Cleaner
Vitalin Bioactive Pond Cleaner
The bioactive pond cleaner ensures permanently clear water. The filamentous and floating algae responsible for the turbidity of the water are prevented from multiplying rapidly as the nutrients are broken down by the highly concentrated...
Content 1 piece(s)
€18.50 *
Vitalin Mycorrhiza, 150 g
Vitalin Mycorrhiza, 150 g
When planting, the mycorrhiza are applied once to the roots and form a close interweaving with them throughout the entire life of the plant. With them, the plants achieve optimal utilisation of the available resources such as water and...
Content 150 gram (€9.93 * / 100 gram)
From €14.90 *
Vitalin Trichoderma, 25 g
Vitalin Trichoderma, 25 g
Soil additive using live microorganisms. Vitalin Trichoderma improves the health and resistance of plants, stimulates root growth and leads to better growth as well as better flowering and yield performance. Trichoderma form a close...
Content 25 gram (€35.60 * / 100 gram)
From €8.90 *