Sprouting of ornamental plants and fruit trees

Neem Combi Pack or Mildew Combi Pack Plus

Application: Spray the plant dripping wet a few days before the buds open. Use between 0.5 and 1 % of the respective components dissolved in water, depending on the plant.

Advantages: Mildew salt and Lebermooser strengthen the plants against pests that blossom in spring, such as fungi and bacterioses. The neem oil serves as an adhesion agent and forms a fine film on the surfaces. It also protects against insects waking up from hibernation.

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Brisiacum Herbal Tree Coating

Application: The powder is stirred into water, swells and is applied to the trunk and stronger branches with a medium-hard tassel. The ideal time for application is autumn, as this protects trees and shrubs from frost and the nesting of harmful organisms in the bark. For particularly sensitive varieties, the process should be repeated at the end of winter to protect them from late frost.  

Advantages: A kind of second skin is created that protects the plant from frost, diseases and pests throughout the spring. The clay minerals and herbs contained are washed away over the years and nourish the plant.

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