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Neem Bio Food Supplement, 60 tablets
Neem Bio Food Supplement, 60 tablets
The neem tree is referred to as the "Divine Tree" in classical Ayurvedic texts. Neem is increasingly used in cosmetic and health products. Its qualities are astringent, pungent and bitter. Its antioxidant, cleansing and Pitta and Kapha...
Content 30 gram (€40.00 * / 100 gram)
€12.00 *
Sprühflasche für Niemöl und Lebermooser
Empty Spray Bottle for Neem Oil and Liverwort,...
With this practical spray bottle, many of the Neem raw material, garden and animal care products can be easily applied. It is suitable for ready-to-use mixing and application of e.g. Neem oil and Liverwort as well as our concentrates....
Content 1 piece(s)
From €2.40 *
Diatomaceous Earth, 1,5 kg
Diatomaceous Earth, 1,5 kg
Diatomaceous earth is a drying aid for use as a scattering agent in stables or in the household. It has a purely physical and strongly hygroscopic (water-attracting) effect through contact. Repeated application prevents the nesting of...
Content 1.5 kilogram (€10.33 * / 1 kilogram)
€15.50 *
Tree Care Set
Tree Care Set
The set contains our Brisiacum Herbal Tree Coating, Mildew Combi Pack Plus, Neem Press Cake as well as the micro-organism product Mycorrhiza. The first two products strengthen your trees against changing environmental influences and...
From €50.70 * €56.40 *