Repotting and outdoor planting

Neem Press Cake

Application: Mix 2 to 3 grams of Neem Press Cake into the soil per litre of potting soil or pot volume. Spread this as well as possible and then irrigate well.

Advantages: The soil life is harmonised and the nutrient availability of the plants is improved. Soil pests such as nematodes or soil-borne insects such as fungus gnat larvae or black vine weevils are prevented from spreading in a natural way.

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Neem Discs

Application: Each disc swells to its 6-fold volume when water is added and makes a very good plant substrate.

Advantages: The soil is loosened and its water storage capacity is increased many times over. The contained Neem Press Cake unfolds its positive properties.

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Application: Sprinkle the root balls finely with the mycorrhiza before planting. Use 1 to 2 teaspoons for smaller plants and up to a whole can for perennial large trees. A single dose is sufficient for the whole life of the plant.

Advantages: The mycorrhiza forms a widely branched, metre-long underground network around the roots, which collects nutrients and water for the plant and supplies them to it. In return, the mycorrhiza receives metabolic products from the plant - a perfect symbiosis!

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