Neem application in autumn

Neem Press Cake

Application: Spread Neem press cake finely on harvested areas, tree sheaths, under shrubs and on mown lawn or meadow areas. Use a small handful per square metre (approx. 30 g) and then use a rake to spread it in lightly.

Advantages: Continuous application improves the availability of nutrients to the plants. This happens on the one hand through the nutrient content of the press cake and on the other hand through the fertiliser's long-term effect, as the shear release and thus loss of the main nutrient nitrogen is minimised. In addition, the press cake has a harmonising effect on the microbiological soil life and prevents pests from burrowing into the soil and overwintering there.

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Neem Combipack or Mildew Combipack Plus

Application: Use between 0.5 and 1 % of the respective components dissolved in water, depending on the plant. 1 to 2 applications in autumn reduce the infestation of numerous pests and diseases in the following spring. If it is primarily powdery mildew or downy mildew, use the neem combipack; if other fungal diseases and bacterioses are also to be prevented, use the Mildew Combipack Plus.

Advantages: In autumn, many harmful fungi and bacterioses have their last seasonal peak and thus prepare for their successful overwintering. Prevent this by treating your plants 1 to 2 times with the Neem combipack or Mildew Combipack Plus.

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Brisiacum Herb Tree Coating

Application: Stir the powder into water, allow it to absorb and apply to the trunk and stronger branches with a medium-hard tassel. The ideal time for application is autumn, as this protects trees and shrubs from frost and the nesting of harmful organisms in the bark. For particularly sensitive varieties, the process should be repeated at the end of winter to protect them from late frost.

Advantages: A kind of second skin is created that protects the plant from frost damage and from disease germs and pest larvae nesting in its bark and overwintering there. The clay minerals and herbs it contains are washed away during the winter and nourish the plant.

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