Humeen Neem Fertiliser


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The entire diversity of the Neem tree in a mixture of Neem seeds and Neem Press Cake as an organic NPK fertiliser.

The ingredients of Humeen Neem Fertilizer are absorbed through the roots and distributed with the sap flow, so that they can unfold their effect in the entire plant. Humeen Neem Fertilizer contains all the important main nutrients together with calcium and magnesium and with the valuable bioactive substances that protect the Neem tree native to India from threadworms, locusts, mites, viruses and fungi.

Humeen Neem Fertiliser is approved for organic farming! The product has been included in the "Betriebsmittelliste für den ökologischen Landbau in Deutschland" (List of inputs for organic farming in Germany).

Directions for use:

  • mix with 30 g per litre of plant soil
  • for young plants 5 g per plant
  • Add 30 g per litre of water to the irrigation water, then spread the mixture on the soil between the plants.

Regular application improves the fertiliser's long-term effect, as the sporadic release and thus loss of the main nutrient nitrogen is minimised.

Fertiliser type: organic NPK fertiliser 3.5+1.0+1.5 with Ca, Mg and other trace elements.

Not harmful to humans, animals or plants and ecologically harmless. Also used in organic farming.

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16 June 2024 13:26

nur noch neem - sonst gar nichts

ich verwende nur noch neem dünger, da seit dem meine pflanzen, egal ob zierpflanzen, gemüse, obst oder rosen , gesund wachsen, nicht mehr erkranken und einen guten ertrag, bzw. viele blüten bringen.