Diatomaceous Earth, 1,5 kg


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Diatomaceous earth is a drying aid for use as a scattering agent in stables or in the household. It has a purely physical and strongly hygroscopic (water-attracting) effect through contact. Repeated application prevents the nesting of insects (mites and insects) in hard-to-reach places.


  • For environmental treatment on livestock and pets without treating the animals themselves.
  • Sprinkle on surfaces, in cracks and corners.
  • In the home, spread evenly on floors, carpets and in cracks and corners.
  • Can be used in the organic waste bin or compost to prevent odours and rot.
  • Apply diatomaceous earth finely by hand or with a dust pump (pressure sprayer) to the areas in need.
  • Apply and store product in a dry place.


Safety Instructions:

  • Diatomaceous earth is a fine dust.
  • Use a mouth guard when applying.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes as the fine dust may cause irritation.
  • Please observe the instruction leaflet!



100% diatomaceous earth (silicon oxide)

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